Wednesday, June 23, 2010

M.T. Pocketts in Absentia

Well goodness, gracious--it's been a while!  I've been on something of a gardening/stitching/reading binge lately. Weeds need pulling, flowers need encouragement, x's need stitching and, like millions of others, Steig Larsson has taken over a part of my life. No time for frivolous blogging!

The girl-child, and her little dog Lola (whom everybody, with one exception, positively adores and wants to adopt!) have moved back to California.  I'm a little sad about that---am now in a pet-less home for the first time ever! (I mean ever.) Of course there's still the fish, (who strangely do show some personality traits--though most people wouldn't believe that); but that hardly counts.  Nothing soft & cuddly around here anymore....then again, there's still Mr. Pocketts.... he's not very soft (thank heavens!), but he's definitely cuddly.....

Until next time, with photos..... thanks so much for stopping by!

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