Thursday, September 2, 2010

M.T. Pocketts is no longer Abroad!

Yep, have been back for almost a week...but that doesn't mean I've been doing much of anything!  Kind of nice to take a little vacation after my vacation! haha! I took hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of photos, of which I'm slowly making my way through.  I'll share a few of them over the next few posts. First off....


I'm assuming most people pretty much know what scenes of London look like, right?  This was not my first trip to London (I am very, very lucky), nor will it be my last, God willing! We took a little day trip south of London intending to find Hever Castle. ... got a bit lost and literally ended up in a cow pasture!  We thought about our friends picturing us glamorously cavorting about Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and such. Nope!--COW PASTURE!

Where now, brown cow?!
We kept following path after path, zig after zag...
Stay on the paths between the pastures!
We also stumbled across nice, little, unassuming English cottages.  For some reason, we got the feeling they weren't thrilled to see us! Hmmm....nevermind.

We finally did make it to the castle.... Aside from being saved by the Astors in the early 20th Century, the claim to fame of Hever Castle is that it is the childhood home of one Miss Anne Bolelyn. 
Here I am, standing on the moat.  Yes, there's a moat! It is a Castle afterall!
Every decent castle has to have a nice courtyard:

They told us Anne looked out these windows. Well, duh!
Apparently Edward Scissorhands had recently visited the castle, too.  I'm so sorry we missed him!
For our Midwestern friends!
Lastly, I will leave you with a photo from our hotel in London, which we christened "The Bed and Chair." It will provide a lovely segway for our next Bed and Chair....
Lovely, yes?! And so cozy, comfy, too!

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