Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a Crock!

Ever start a project which then leads to several more projects?  That's pretty much the story of my Summer (and Fall!).

Allow me to start with the easy ones (a.k.a....the finished ones):

Don't get me wrong, Mod-Podge remains my dependable, long-time friend & helper....we go back a number of years. (Just the name alone conjures up visions of tie-dye  & hirachi sandals--it's obviously been around for awhile!) However, somebody new is in town, threatening to usurp MP's dominance for my attention. This new relationship was quite transparent from the get-go;  allow me to introduce.... Decal Paper!

With the use of Decal Paper and the ever-satisfying Graphics Fairy, here's what I came up with:

This crock, which stands about 8" high, is actually used as a wastepaper basket in our downstairs bathroom. The era of the sign matches well with the age of the crock. So, what was a boring old crock, is now a stylish accent!  You'll just have to trust me when I say it fits in well with the room decor.  I also like that it's not too cutesy or froo-froo. I actually think when people see it, they assume it's original to the crock!

Another label from The Graphics Fairy and a smaller crock. I'll probably end up putting a plant in this; in the meantime, I just like looking at it!  Again, the graphic seemed to match the crock so well. Timely for Fall, right?

The white terracotta pot with the bees on it is a product of messing around with Mod-Podge.  Again, with a contribution from The Graphics Fairy, I used a bee graphic and experimented with 1) painting the pot beforehand with some leftover housepaint, 2) adhering the bee with MP, 3) letting it dry, 4) gently peeling/washing off the paper the next day while, hopefully, leaving the bee graphic on there, and 5) coating it with some clear poly.

Bee design replicated multiple times to create a border effect.

And while we're on the subject of projects, thought I'd throw this in for good measure.... last week I attended a baby shower for my nephew's yet-to-be-born son.  (Apparently everybody wants to know ahead of time these days? What's wrong with a surprise now & then?, I ask!!)

I figured Gabriel might need some formal attire now & then. His new onesie was quite the hit.  I didn't tell them (but I'll tell you) that the tie was made from an old pair of Mr. P's boxer shorts!  Waste not, want not!

Next I'll attempt to show you the big project....the one which makes Mr. P nervous about ever getting his garage back! Really, it's winding's almost finished....
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