Sunday, February 7, 2010

Show & Tell

This weekend I made a Light Box! It was so easy and I'm generally happy with the results (still could use a bit of tweaking as to what bulbs I need, but that's inconsequential right now). For some time I've been planning to do an Inventory of possessions for insurance purposes....and if you could see my ugly, water-stained livingroom ceiling (Winter From Hell ice damage--photos another day), you'd agree that I have every reason to ponder whether the sky may indeed be falling soon--and landing on my personal possessions!

In the meantime, I'm having fun with it. To show how cool it is, here's a little Show & Tell of my results--allow me to walk you through my family tree! (Unfortunately, you can't see scale. Note to self: fix that!) Honestly, in this grisly, grey winter, who doesn't need to look at some beautiful things?!

The biscuit jar belonged to my maternal Great-grandmother.
The Majolica pitcher (about 8" tall) was brought over from Denmark by my maternal Grandma.
(You can read more about her here.)

Six cups & saucers are all that's left to this set after my paternal Great-grandparents' house burned down Christmas Eve 1910.
The Christmas goose was baking in the oven--it all crashed into the cellar!
Wouldn't that be just awful?!
I've added to the set over the years:
plates, bowls, this little relish dish & cheese dish.
They're from Austria--don't know the pattern--Mr. Pocketts calls it
"Fear of Empty Spaces"

This American Brilliant crystal belonged to my paternal Grandma.
They were married in 1903 and these pieces were wedding gifts.
There's also a tall pitcher & more glasses but they wouldn't fit into the light box!
I believe the pattern is called "Rose"....durr....

More Fear of Empty Spaces!

Remember, take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves!

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