Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Christmas Glow

A couple weeks ago I made some Christmas candles, using little more than a dollar-store candle.  (If you're curious you can see it here, or you can probably just keep scrolling down....) This week I finished up another simple one, using this graphic from, where else?!, the Graphics Fairy:

The Graphics Fairy has other designs that sort of match this.
I may have to make a set!
(That's where the madness starts.....)
Along the bottom, in matching green, I added the inscription:

Joy to You at Christmas

I think it sounds quaint and, well...joyful!

After sizing my image to only be as tall as the wax (leaving the top part clear), I printed it out onto Decal Paper, etc. etc. etc.  Here's the result!

The bow is just twine, combined with a couple jingle bells I found lying in a box of Christmas sequins, glitter & doo-dads; along with two leaves that fell off some "holly" holiday lights we bought this year (literally found them on the floor and thought, "these might work!"). See how well thought-out this whole process is? ha!

And here's the backside:

My quasi-lame attempt at "staging" has given the photo a sort of golden glow. The colors are actually a little more vibrant. I'll just call that soft light!

And now, dear readers, if you are still with me....I have to come clean.  This is what my dining room table has looked like the past couple days.  Aaaaarrrggghhh!  This is pretty much what it looks like right now, as I am typing this.  I have just received news that we are having guests dropping in for lunch tomorrow.  You know, lunch--where you sit around the table.... Yikes!


Update:  Never let it be said that I can't rally when called upon!


Have never joined anything like this, but thought it looked fun.
Wow, there's a whole lotta creative folks out there!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Loveliness of Snow (When Not Scooping It)

We had our first snow of the season this week!  

It was a soft snow. 

I was enchanted.

I was not scooping it!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Milk Can Christmas

Last time I posted, I showed you this:

And I claimed that I had some big plans for it...oh yes, indeed!

It is with a sigh of relief that I can post an update on my progress.

Here it is in stages:

1)  This is really an ugly, old milk can.

I cannot even remember where it came from.  I'm thinking maybe it was in an old garage in our backyard when we bought our house. (The garage was a remnant of an old, 3 story barn that sat upon the hillside behind our home, long before our arrival upon the scene.  We're told it had entrances on 2 levels.  Sadly, that garage met its demise the day one of its stone walls collapsed--the result of an overly industrious groundhog undermining its foundation.  That also happened to be the very same day my cat nearly died in surgery and our daughter broke her arm rollerskating! Ever have one of those days?!)

Good grief, I digress!  Where was I?  The milk can-- it is terribly dented, and horribly rusted; it has been painted over several times. The bottom is rusted and distended to the point where it will not stand flat anymore. (You, nor anyone else, will not be seeing that!) I cannot imagine what makes an old milk can bulge like that?  Perhaps water froze and expanded inside there?

2)  The milk can needed a paint job!

Christmas red was in order. (Please forgive the photo quality--quickly taken with my phone.) It's amazing how many flaws a good can of spray paint can cover! Remember, I'm not talking sophisticated restoration here--we're just skirting along by the skin of our teeth.... (Is that not one of the weirdest sayings ever?!)

It looks like I forgot a part, doesn't it?!

3) When you use decal paper, it will not transfer onto a dark background. I have no idea why exactly; I just go with it (and it wasn't a suitable project for a modpodge transfer, in my opinion).  Therefore, I had to paint a white background the same size as the design I was planning to affix.

Here it is with a white rectangle suspiciously the approximate size of an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.

4)  I downloaded this antique postcard from the Graphics Fairy.  (I'm developing a serious girlfriend crush on this woman--her site is so amazingly fun to delve into!)

This scene reminds me of Mr. P and myself
with our daughter when she was little.
Yep, we looked just like that!
With my computer, I enlarged it to fit onto a sheet of decal paper (8 1/2" x 11" standard size).

5)  Miraculously (from my point of view) it fit into the white space provided! And because the decal is initially pliable after you remove the paper backing (and before it dries), I could adjust and straighten it, while also making it adhere nicely to what is definitely an uneven surface. I'd like to be able to show you a photo of this phase, but it's kind of intense-hands-on for that brief period; and I was alone. Nobody to man the camera....

So far, so good!

6) Let's put it outside, where it belongs!

It was actually snowing when I snapped the picture!

The greenery is actually some of those mini LED lighted stalks, made to look natural (well, as natural as lighted up plants would look, I suppose).

Here's the final version of how the front porch now looks.

Thanks for looking!

P.S. That's not my cat!

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