Monday, September 7, 2009

Endless summer?

I love summer! Really, I just love summer! It's my favorite time of year; July is my favorite month. I don't know anyone else who feels this way. (Most of my friends say Autumn is their favorite time of year; my husband loves the Spring.) I love all my flowers; the way they just go crazy in July, blooming their little hearts out.... and I'm always just a little sad to see them wilt a bit when they've performed so magnanimously all season!

Today was sort of a so-so day...the last official day of Summer (Labor Day weekend) and we didn't have any definite plans (which was fine with us)....but some things were sort of dragging us down (not worth mentioning). And then we got a call from dear friends of ours!.... they want to go to Mexico with us next Spring! We are so excited! We haven't been south of the border with them for years and years (they last joined us before their little girl was born and she's in school now.) Oh my! what a flurry of phone calls and reservations at our favorite, quaint hotel--they were happy to hear from us. So more than one phone call made more than one person happy today!
I love Mexico and I can't wait..... in the depths of winter, it will be summer! (I'm pinching myself! Really!)

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