Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas!

We didn't put up a real Christmas tree this year,
as we're spending the holiday with
The Girl Child and her family in California!
(70 degrees & sunshine is the weather report for today!)
I'm missing our tree though...
I found myself looking through some of last year's photos:

Most of our ornaments are decades old.
I love the oddball subjects....
a lamp!
Now who would think of a lamp for a Christmas tree?!

Or a head?!
We have a few heads hanging around the tree.
They always creeped our daughter out
--she would never hang them herself!

I love this guy!
Part Santa?
Part Wizard?!

Or a beautiful peacock sitting on a ball.
(Don't particularly know why he's doing that;
he just is!)

And if you want something really weird....
Get a look at this one!
We call him
"The Fetal Puppy"
(I know, gross!)

He's so weird, he's worth another look!
Oh my!

This is actually a fairly new one.
A pincushion!
Every crafty seamstress needs a pincushion
on her Christmas tree!

And then there's just the downright pretty ones
that have been with me my entire life.
When I get them out of the box, 
I feel so at home, surrounded by comforting familiarity.

May your Christmas be one of beauty, love, & peace.
Wherever you are!

Let there be Peace on Earth.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Hand Towels

If you've got a hand towel...

and some leftover Christmas material....

you can make a simple, decorative towel for your guest bath or a hostess gift or a stocking stuffer. (Why is it when I type this, I hear this uber-perky voice in my head, getting all excited about.... a towel?!   Such is my life!)

Using the lines that are already in the towel's design as your guide, just line up the material, tucking all the rough edges under, and stitch along both sides and the ends.  I didn't even bother basting or anything like that; it just depends how free-wheeling you feel and your sewing experience. (Make sure your bobbin color is the same as your towel, regardless of what the top color is.)

I had enough material to make two of them! And, really, it didn't take that long.

The material is a remnant from my daughter's Christmas stocking that I made for her when she was about 5 years old.  She'll probably freak when I give her her towel, thinking I disassembled her beloved stocking! (I like to keep her on her toes!)

Now to go through that bag o' scraps I have.... surely there's some "hearts" print in their somewhere for Valentine's Day? Or some bunnies for Easter? Or... or....!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

And 3 not-so-tiny Reindeer...

I fell victim to holiday marketing this year, thanks to those cunning folks at the Barn that is full of most everything except Pottery.  Usually I manage to take only an occasional peak at their stuff, primarily just for a little look-see; it seldom gets beyond the drooling stage.  Until this year, that is.

It was one of their ever-changing, Christmas "One Day Sales" they've been pushing for many, many days now--I have an overstuffed in-box to prove it.  I'll grant them this--they are savvy! I can't decide if I was truly enchanted by their product or if they just wore me down.  (I know for sure they couldn't care less which one it was--the end result is what matters, right? Ka-ching!)

This is what I fell for:

Aren't they sweet?  Aren't you just enchanted?

Firstly, I pictured these guys as being somewhat more diminutive. And secondly, they should have come with a warning about sharp edges!  Geesh--it was dangerous pulling these skinny bad boys out of their boxes and untangling their "antlers."

Once I finally got them out of their boxes, I couldn't decide what to do with them.  They look different in person and not quite so enchanting-- but I think that's more a lack of imagination on my part than on theirs! Frankly, they look like some metal-work sculpture I would have seen at a Mexican bazaar.  Now don't get me wrong, I love Mexican bazaars! It's just that if they had indeed come from a Mexican bazaar, they would have cost a whole lot less! (Apparently they come from a Chinese bazaar--the "made in" sticker indicated as much. How exotic.)

So they sat under a table in the livingroom for about a week.  Mr. P walked by one day and asked where they came from.  I told him not to ask.

I walked past them, too, wondering just what I was going to do with them!

They needed something...but what?

Ribbons?  Colorful ribbons?  There's 3 of them...what is Christmasy and comes in 3's?

How about J-O-Y?

Round 1 with the Graphics Fairy, I downloaded some of her Christmas sheet music ("The Christmas Tree") and made a star cut-out. Working with 3 of the same cut-outs, I added red letters.  Though you wouldn't know it, all 3 of the starts are the same size in my computer file, I just printed them out in proportionate sizes to match the deer.

At this point, perhaps I should have punched holes in the tops, put a ribbon through them and called it a day? (As in, sometimes less is more?!)

But no.....I wanted some bling.
Round 2 with glitter glue:

I had a bottle of red glitter-glue.  Well, as you can see above, glitter-glue isn't quite as snazzy as regular old hard-working glitter, nor does it go on evenly. Grrrr!

So I added multi-colored regular old glitter (didn't have any red). Oh Joy, so nice and sparkly!

And the final result?

Having made their way to the top of the table, here they stand, paused, not sure what to do next.
Find some fake snow perhaps?!

In retrospect, I think I should have given the tags a white background to make it pop out a bit more; but that's getting a little fussy.  They'll do for now.  I'll figure something out....any ideas?!

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow, Gave the lustre of midday to objects below, When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer. 
                                        - Clement Moore,  The Night Before Christmas.

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