Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to Geriatric Gardening!

I've had my eye on one of these babies for some time....running it through my mind, deciding pros & cons....trying to justify its existence.....did I want to take that leap?

I finally decided it was time; my knees have had enough.  Yesterday there was a knock at the door. The FedEx man dropped off a heavy box:


Some assembly required??

No problem!! I'm mechanical....

Whee!! Let's go for a ride!

It bemused me to read on the instruction sheet that this was not a toy for children.  What?! Any kid worth his salt would immediately hop on this and ride around! I'd be disappointed if he or she didn't! So.... my daughter & I took turns pulling each other across the yard and back, with Lola Bug (the amazing chihuahua whatever) riding along.  It was all a joyride, accompanied by spontaneous whoops & hollers & laughter (and neighbors peeking through their curtains?).....until I felt myself losing my balance! I quickly put my foot down-- thus barking my ankle on the front axle and unceremoniously dropping the dog in the process. Ouch! Yeah, it's all fun & games until somebody gets hurt! I guess I'll need adult supervision in the future!  Calling Mr. Pocketts!!!!

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