Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lincoln Gets Monumental

We've seen quite a few life-size Lincolns on our pilgrimage (people seem obsessed with rubbing his nose for good luck and at one place, you could even do a side-by-side hand comparison; it gets weird). Now we've gone MONUMENTAL.  Yep, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. does not disappoint!  A person can get choked up --especially when you make all the connections with the present. You know, the manifestation of Lincoln's endeavors culminating with President Obama.  It feels good to be an American again. (A lot of us knew exactly what Michelle Obama meant when she said she was finally proud, etc.)
We also literally made a Lincoln-Obama connection.  As we stepped out of the Metro and headed for the Lincoln Memorial, we came upon an intersection that was totally blocked off with police everywhere. Hmmm.... something was going to happen.  In a couple minutes it did! Obama's entire Presidential motorcade swooshed by--sirens, flags, and so many, many black vehicles. (Apparently there can never be too many black cars in one's entourage!) It was just like on the TV!

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