Friday, October 16, 2009

The Frost is on the....Tomato?!

Font sizeWe had a frost here last week, and even some snow a few days ago--could hardly believe it! All that snow resting on some of the still-green leaves looked funny, like when Hollywood tries to make a snow scene but doesn't bother hiding green trees in the background. As I pulled out the shriveled remnants of what was once a great tomato plant,* I couldn't help but reflect....

This one plant, ONE plant, produced enough tomatoes for 21 pints of canned tomatoes, 16 half-pints of tomato jam, 2 quarts of frozen tomatoes, several bowls of gazpacho, many a plate of sliced tomatoes (with balsamic vinegar, fresh mozzarella and basil), some tomato-bread salads, and a few giveaways to friends & family. Phew! All that for a starting price of $1.49! Add to that a little fertilizer and regular water and.... I'd say that pencils!

Here it is threatening to take over the backyard!:
Everyone who tasted it asked what kind of tomato it was.... truth be known, I don't know! Yeek! I only remember the original label said it was an Heirloom Italian of some sort and, no, it wasn't Brandywine. Guess it will just remain a sweet mystery!

The first glimpse inside offered this:
But if you looked closer, you saw this:
Even in the waning days of summer, it was putting out tomatoes like this:
Ordinary...yet's all there to be found!

*Ok, I tried to pull it out, but the stem was too large & stubborn---Mr. M.T. Pocketts had to do it!
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