Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Chi Hua Hua

Coco & Lola

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversations as a dog does.
                                                                     --Christopher Morley

It's my privilege to introduce you, Gentle Reader, to Coco, the Chi Hua Hua. That's an easy way to remember how to spell Chihuahua, which would have been beyond my simple abilities to spell only weeks ago. Incidentally, this is Mr. Pocketts standing in for Mrs. M.T. Pocketts for a one time guest shot.

The story of Coco begins in Mexico where Mrs. Pocketts and I spent our usual relaxing two months of February and March at a very old Mexican hotel right on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. When the end of March began to roll around I told the Mrs. that indeed it might be time for us to acquire a new dog to replace our dear devoted friend, Punch, who died two years ago. Although Punch had been a 95 pounder of doubtful parentage, he'd been so central to our lives that his demise ate a hole in our hearts. It was time to mend that hole.

A week before our return home, Mrs. Pocketts got onto her fancy modern phone and texted our daughter in San Diego. Could she find us a dog like hers to take home with us? Five, that's 5, hours later our dutiful daughter texted back that she'd found a Chihuahua on Craig's List. A Navy family had to move and chose to thin out its animal population. A timid, 10 month old female named "Peaches" proved the expendable member and went on the auction block, rather unceremoniously. Our "Girl Child" drove with a friend to inspect the little creature and reported to us in Mexico with words of encouragement and pictures. We accepted.

Still via texted messages, we all decided on the new name of Coco. "Peaches" just wouldn't do.

So, with excited hearts we strolled out that evening to our favorite Mexican restaurant, where we celebrated quietly. That's when two men at the table near us began to talk loudly in a jovial manner. (They had large margaritas in front of them) (and so did we). Perhaps it was this similarly jovial nature of our two tables that prompted one of the two men to lean toward us and ask Mrs. Pocketts a question. "How you you spell Chihuahua?," he proffered. Rocked back on our metaphorical heels, we both gaped open-mouthed at him. "Isn't it Chi Hua Hua?" he shouted over the restaurant din! "Yes, yes it is Chi Hua Hua," responded Mrs. Pocketts. And a fine informal conversation commenced during which we explained the improbable nature of his question and our current state of Chihuahua excitement. Turned out these two fellows were from the sunny state of California; high school buddies on holiday together. In any case we all enjoyed our meals and the M.T. Pocketts pair returned to their hotel to ponder their Chihuahua future.

A week later saw us in San Diego and face to face with the little creatures you see pictured above. A week following that saw the three of us; Mr. and Mrs. and Coco Pocketts, headed for our lost village in the Midwest via air travel with Coco tucked away in a carrier in front of Mrs. Pocketts' seat. Since then Coco's recovery from the shock of being twice removed from familiar homes has abated and she now rules the roost at the M.T. Pocketts estate. I'll let our chief author re assume control of her Blog at this point with a hearty thanks to all her fans for reading our latest adventure from the pen of Mr. Pocketts, Guest Columnist.
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