Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home again, home again...

Got back from Mexico earlier this week and was amazed, pleased, incredulous, happy, and satisfied to experience 80 degree temps upon our arrival! Friends of ours were gracious enough to give us credit for bringing all this nice weather up north with us. The daffodils in our backyard, in a show of perfect timing, popped out into full blooms the next morning.
Spring is here!

Busy, busy week....after a month of pretty much pure relaxation, the pace of life in our little village seems so hectic! Sounds funny, but it's true! Once again I have to make decisions like what to eat for dinner (as opposed to where to go for dinner!)....dishes need to be washed (well, ok, put into a brand, spankin' new dishwasher!) by somebody in this household as, unfortunately, no maid service exists, (try as I might, I cannot convince my daughter that this would be a worthwhile contribution to the general happiness of her parental units!); and finally, laundry has to be done and folded by me....and not that nice Lorena at the lavendaria! *Sigh*

I took about a squillion pictures, but haven't even had a chance to connect my camera to the computer to get a good look at them. It's become a bit of joke that I enthusiastically take photos every year....of pretty much the very same scenes that I took the year before! Ah well, fun to look back over the years and notice the subtle changes. (Thank heaven they are not many--I like Mexico just as it is!) I will share some of them in the near future.

Happy Easter! We will celebrate by seeing the girl child off to the airport where she begins a 23 hour flight ordeal, eventually landing in Okinawa, Japan. Hubby will be waiting, open-armed!

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