Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where the West Begins

Greetings from Wyoming....a state we drove all the way across today!  I love the's a part of the country where we literally fit.  We like to say when we go out East (or to Europe), it's a "7/8ths World" where we're forever about 1/8th too big for everything, be it chairs, hallways, doors, bathroom stalls, cars, etc!  It's crowded and everything is small!  But out's practically a 1 & 1/8th world....everything's not only big enough, it's very big-- they don't refer to big skies for nothing!

We began our trip slowly, by stopping overnight in Omaha.  It's such a fun city--easy to get around and just enough stuff to happily keep you occupied.  After our dinner at Blue (our daughter's favorite Sushi restaurant there--Mr. Pockett's had never been, so I insisted...) we walked over to what is this ginormous bronze sculpture display honoring the westward trail. It's actually very cool--we had never seen the covered wagons and pioneers part; up to now, we'd only seen the buffalo & geese outside the Doubletree (where we usually stay; but alas, not this time).   (You should take a look if you're ever down there: geese & buffalo go through walls!)

I'd love to wax on about the meaning of the West to Americans and our inner frontier mentality and how it affects the American mindset, blah blah blah....but I was having too much fun:

Some might say things devolved a bit:

Really, I did make it to Cheyenne the next day!  (more to come.....)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ponderings & Observations....

As I mentioned in the previous post, I've been doing some stitching and other various projects (furniture refinishing, painting, etc.) which don't always require a great deal of concentration.  One's mind is allowed to wander....and to ponder.....

Here's a sample of what's been going on in that head of mine. Don't judge me!

  • Hard to remember....does vacuum have 2 c's or 2 u's or 2 of both?
  • The spider living in the ceiling corner of the stairwell...what on earth does he eat?
  • I know people who are admirers/collectors of cultural handicrafts & stitchery from other countries, yet they show no interest whatsoever in the needlework adorning my walls that has been made by me!  Is this not the very same thing--but showing my culture & heritage?
  • Do some bloggers have their cameras permanently attached to a cord around their necks?  Sometimes, even the most minute (inane?) detail is photographed & catalogued.  Why? (I admire bloggers who say they'd love to show something, but oops, didn't have a camera along! They seem a little more real.)
  • Where do earwigs fit in the universal meaning of life?  Apart from their curious natural engineering (butt pincers? really?!), I cannot figure out what their value is to anything or anyone.  And why are they apt to take over the planet, beginning with my garden?
  • And while I'm at it....Ticks!  What are they good for?  Perhaps birds like to eat them, but beyond that......???? Ewwww!
  • Is stitching "in hand" really faster than using an embroidery ring or clamp?  Should I be trying this?  Would I get stuff done more often?
  • Does anything captivate the flavor of summer more than Bing Cherries?! (Preferably cold from the fridge.)
  • Is it wrong to love my refrigerator as much as I do?! 

  • Will I ever get photos taken of all these projects I flippantly mention?!  

  • If one makes a "bullet list," how does one un-make a bullet list?  
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