Monday, February 6, 2012

I love the smell of casino chips in the morning!

I have not been able to post anything for awhile....

2 reasons:

Very busy

These are not mutually exclusive situations!

I have had to put away my ongoing projects (really, will I actually live long enough to finish all of them?!) and, excitingly, pack up some new ones for the road! (More on that later when I have something to show for myself!)

I have been here:

Yep, Las Vegas! Love this town! This is the view from our room at Caesar's Palace, Forum Tower, 18th (???) floor.... (not sure about that, as we always punched in "68" on the elevator....whatever that means!).

And here's the view one morning before my slacker husband and daughter ever rolled out of their beds to save me from being all consumed by the double draperies that covered the entire outer wall of our room:

Did you know there's such a thing as remote controlled draperies?! You know, when you're too lazy to get up and walk 2 feet and pull a drapery cord?! Mr. P was quite emboldened by this state of affairs and found it necessary to bark orders nicely ask that I "close the drapes/open the drapes/close the drapes/open the drapes" (take your choice)....always while he was less that 2 feet away from said drapes.

And did you know there are miniature television sets in your bathroom mirror?! Mr. P rightly pointed out that they are exactly in the proper position for watching whilst your face is at exactly the proper angle for shaving? Goodness, those casino folks think of everything! Either that, or I just don't get out enough!

And did you know that I spent 3 days in Vegas and never so much as put a quarter into a slot machine?!  Geesh!  I'm losing my touch--usually I can be found grudgingly heading to a Blackjack table at some point.....(I love to play Blackjack, just I hate to lose money more.) Why was that, you may ask?....

Very busy!!

More to come.....
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