Friday, April 24, 2009

Thinkin' About Lincoln

All is well in Lincolnland.  Coincidentally, Springfield's promotional stuff about Abe is called "Looking for Lincoln"-- just like my last post. Guess we're not the only ones looking for the guy! And I guess you could say we pretty much found him, beginning with his ginormous tomb.  Having recently been in Lenin's tomb, I'd have to say Abe's doesn't have quite the same, uh, bodily mystique. Abe has the decency to be 10 feet down in concrete, whereas poor Vladimir is right there under glass, waxy as a candle, for all to see! (Well, as long as you're reverent, quiet, and don't make an ass of yourself.)  I digress...back to President Lincoln! 


We tramped through the Illinois State Capitol (building), the Presidential Museum, and Lincoln's home where he lived while he was a Senator from Illinois before going on to be President ( that sounds somewhat familiar.  Haven't I heard a similar story recently?!) I love antique furniture, but my heart goes out to a 6'4" man who used this as his writing desk in his parlor:

Somewhere in between all this, we were interviewed for the local evening news for their top story. We told them, more or less, whether we noticed that they had a pigeon poop problem. (No kidding!) Well, hilariously, my comment made the cut and my busband, standing dutifully next to me, only got to say an agreeable "yeah." We hooted with laughter watching it in our hotel room. (Strangely enough, almost the same thing happened when we were interviewed for Omaha's TV news a few years back--my comments were left intact and my husband got to stand there and look supportive, all of his witty repartee on the cutting room floor.  Come to think of it, do you know anybody else who has appeared in 2 different states, randomly interviewed on the local news? Really, I don't know anyone & I find the whole thing kind of bizarre. Why on earth would  they walk up to us and think we could give them answers!)

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