Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looking for Lincoln

Later this morning we are hitting the road and heading for the Land O' Lincoln, logs and all! It's actually a stop on the way to somewhere else (you'll see), but the journey itself should be just as fun as the destination, right? (Go ahead and groan, it's a tired cliche!) Bags are sort of packed and road food has been purchased.  We're planning to picnic along the way. There's just something special about sitting at a rest stop on the interstate--diesel fumes mingling with your turkey/swiss sandwiches. Yummy! Just kidding--the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and it can be much more fun (and inexpensive really) to sit out in the sun, watching the comings & goings of your fellow travelers. Oh, we're trying to eat healthy, too.  It took great willpower on my part not to buy a bag of cookies to take along; I decided, realistically, we would probably scarf them all down in the first 100 miles or so!
Ok, off we go, the road beckons!

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