Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas!

We didn't put up a real Christmas tree this year,
as we're spending the holiday with
The Girl Child and her family in California!
(70 degrees & sunshine is the weather report for today!)
I'm missing our tree though...
I found myself looking through some of last year's photos:

Most of our ornaments are decades old.
I love the oddball subjects....
a lamp!
Now who would think of a lamp for a Christmas tree?!

Or a head?!
We have a few heads hanging around the tree.
They always creeped our daughter out
--she would never hang them herself!

I love this guy!
Part Santa?
Part Wizard?!

Or a beautiful peacock sitting on a ball.
(Don't particularly know why he's doing that;
he just is!)

And if you want something really weird....
Get a look at this one!
We call him
"The Fetal Puppy"
(I know, gross!)

He's so weird, he's worth another look!
Oh my!

This is actually a fairly new one.
A pincushion!
Every crafty seamstress needs a pincushion
on her Christmas tree!

And then there's just the downright pretty ones
that have been with me my entire life.
When I get them out of the box, 
I feel so at home, surrounded by comforting familiarity.

May your Christmas be one of beauty, love, & peace.
Wherever you are!

Let there be Peace on Earth.

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