Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Hand Towels

If you've got a hand towel...

and some leftover Christmas material....

you can make a simple, decorative towel for your guest bath or a hostess gift or a stocking stuffer. (Why is it when I type this, I hear this uber-perky voice in my head, getting all excited about.... a towel?!   Such is my life!)

Using the lines that are already in the towel's design as your guide, just line up the material, tucking all the rough edges under, and stitch along both sides and the ends.  I didn't even bother basting or anything like that; it just depends how free-wheeling you feel and your sewing experience. (Make sure your bobbin color is the same as your towel, regardless of what the top color is.)

I had enough material to make two of them! And, really, it didn't take that long.

The material is a remnant from my daughter's Christmas stocking that I made for her when she was about 5 years old.  She'll probably freak when I give her her towel, thinking I disassembled her beloved stocking! (I like to keep her on her toes!)

Now to go through that bag o' scraps I have.... surely there's some "hearts" print in their somewhere for Valentine's Day? Or some bunnies for Easter? Or... or....!

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