Thursday, November 3, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Is there anything quite as thrilling as your candy haul at the end of a long Halloween night?!  I remember my triumphant return home, walking into the living room and dumping the contents on the floor for sorting.  I smile now thinking of myself separating out the candy I wasn't quite so enamored with--specifically the Milk Duds (they always stuck in my teeth & that bugged me....don't get me started!) and the Bit O' Honeys (do they even make those anymore?).  I would oh-so-generously share these with my parents; my Dad especially liked Milk Duds.  Win-Win!  Really, who was I fooling?!  I'm guessing they thought it was funny (and predictable) too!

I don't recall there being any sort of brakes put on my candy consumption.  My parents pretty much had the attitude that if I ate too much of it, I'd start to feel sick and hopefully I'd have the good sense to stop eating!  And maybe I'd remember that next time?! (Of course this was coming from my Dad who, as a boy, loved chocolate pudding so much that his older sister decided to make a huge bowl of it to see if he'd ever reach his saturation.  He ate the whole thing and asked for more!)

Many of the kids forgot to say "Trick or Treat" when
they saw this scary guy at the door!
We did our bit to help the little urchins of our little village--full size Hershey bars at our house!  Fun to hear their gasps of delight when they spied them or to watch them skipping down the sidewalk exclaiming about getting a BIG candy bar! A woman in my hometown did the same thing every year--nobody passed by her house.  (It was rumored that some of the boys would switch masks and go back for seconds--boys!)  I was so impressed that I vowed to myself that I was going to do that someday, too.  And here I am, doing just that!  Yay!

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