Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tree Trimming

This time of year in Mexico, everyone is getting ready for Semana Santa (Saint Easter).  And even though it will be quite late this year, preparations have started.  That includes trimming the dying fronds off the coconut trees, along with any sizable coconuts--reminds me of that statistic about the number of people dying from coconuts every year verses whatever....

Which then reminds me that this nearly happened to Mr. P and I this year!  We were innocently walking along in a little beach cove town, along a sort of promenade lined with very tall palms.  Frighteningly, we nearly learned the hard way that they don't bother to trim their palm trees down there, as a huge, ripe coconut came crashing down right beside us!  Neither of us saw or heard it coming until it whizzed by our heads!

They needed to hire this guy:
He waved to me on the way up!

 Or maybe this guy:

They made quite a team!

Watch as he scampers up this tree, safety gear optional!


and up, until he can start shredding the first dead bits.

Then the chopping begins in earnest:

One year we happened to be packing up to leave when this fellow was literally outside my window.  He glanced in and saw my suitcases as I looked out and saw him.  We exchanged waves and smiles.  It was a bit like The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy, flying through the tornado, looks out the window of her careening house and waves to that little knitting granny! Just like that...except for the tornado part! Haha!

Done & down!  Bring on Easter!

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