Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's almost August already? What??!!??!!

After 4376 miles on the car and 75 hours in the car, we arrived back home!

Ever so briefly--

Our main purpose of the trip had to do with helping our daughter move back to San Diego and reuniting with her husband. Mission accomplished!

This is what it looks like when your Dad comes home from Okinawa!


Then, free of further obligation, Mr. Pocketts and I headed north along the famous coastal Highway 1.

Some highlights on the way back home:

Solvang, California serves incredibly good Danish food!

Solvang, California serves incredibly good Danish food!
(It's worth repeating!)

Let's just say that the Hearst "Castle" at San Simeon, California is very cool!  Usually I think those 'over the top' sorts of home are so awful & garish (as in: "you can never have too much gold Baroque decor"--blek!), but this one was nice and tasteful, in our opinion, that is.  Here's a picture of one of the guest houses where all sorts of famous folks stayed.  (It's very Moorish in design--reminded us very much of a Tater palace we saw in the Crimea a couple years ago.)

No, really, it was tasteful!

Doesn't everybody want babies at their front door?! 

Walruses are cool, too!

Please note:  The John Muir National Monument IS NOT THE SAME AS The Muir Woods National Monument!
When you arrive at the wrong place, a Park Service professional will (a little too giddily) inform you that everybody makes that mistake all the time, while handing you a somewhat cryptic directional list as to how to get to the Woods.  This will entail approximately an extra hour's drive through the San Francisco area (including $6 toll bridge).  However, once you get there, you'll be glad you did!

I think I know the difference between a Redwood & a Sequoia now. Maybe.

We had to leave in a hurry before they realized Mr. Pocketts knocked one over!
He tried to set it back up....

Then it was back on the road again:

Our award for Most Bikes!


Yep, 75 hours driving 4376 miles! Woohoo!

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