Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Summer of Pie

Some of my favorite accomplishments no longer exist...except in sweet memories. Such is the life of a pie baker. Pie lovers are a loyal bunch, with a devotion probably only matched by chocolate lovers. (Happily, I'm in both camps!) On a Facebook update, if I merely mention the idea of possibly making a pie, I receive several requests to join me (or live!) in my kitchen--they even say they'll bring their own chairs! I once posted a picture of a pie I made; my favorite comment from a friend was, "p o r n !"

I realize some people don't like pie--my own mislead daughter being among them. While her distaste for pie probably runs along the lines of adolescent rebellion, I can only wonder at others' woeful ways. Perhaps they've only had pie in so-so coffee shops? or only tasted "boughten" crusts with canned filling? Believe me, those kind of desserts--over sweetened, globby gunk in a bit of floury, undercooked mush--hardly deserve to be called pie! But don't they notice the fierce affection some people have for pie? Wouldn't it make you suspicious that there's something that's really, really good and you're missing it? Wouldn't you begin a quest?
It's out there!
I'm going to make a pie this morning. As soon as I post this, I'm walking into the kitchen....


In the meantime, here's a dessert I made recently: Blueberry Nectarine Cobbler. Obviously not a pie, but a close relative. A compromise of sorts, when you don't quite have enough time to make an actual pie. It was delicious...if I remember correctly!

Here it is with it's crumbly crust, just before being put into the oven.

Just out of the oven and still warm.

Let's have a bite! Ummmmm, good!

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