Friday, July 31, 2009

A birthday salute!

Yesterday would have been my beloved Grandma's 124th birthday. So....I baked a cake!
(Using her recipe, of course!)
Grandma and me in 1967.

Born in Norre Farup, Denmark (near Ribe on the western coast of Jutland) in 1885, she emigrated to America twice (long story), before finally marrying my Danish Grandpa in 1913 and successfully raising my mom and her 6 brothers and sisters. I was lucky enough to know her briefly, in the sense that a much-loved grandchild is loved by her favorite Grandma. She died when I was in 2nd grade. A few years ago, my Uncle sent me a DVD of his old home movies. When I played it, suddenly Grandma was on the screen, smiling and turning a bit away from the camera, embarrassed no doubt. Instantly, tears welled in my eyes....such a whirl of emotion I felt upon "seeing" this person who I hadn't seen in such a very, very long time. It feels good to remember her. I hope I have a Granddaughter of my own someday!

Grandma making a pie in 1960. Pie baking runs in the family!

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