Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project # 6938 Progress and counting...

Make that indoor project # 6938 (see April 17th post).... because I could probably  come up with just as many outdoor ones if I counted! (More on those in the very near future.) It's been a fruitful week here at the hacienda, both indoors and out.  While the word "completion" isn't yet in my vocabulary, progress has been made on a number of fronts:  one of them being the flowery pink & black quilt.  I pieced together strips--worked feverishly, assembling 6 strips of 4 squares each and was about to add the seventh when I took pause....  "Hmmm...this doesn't look quite right...hmmm...?!"  So, instead of having essentially 5 blocks x 6 blocks (equaling 30 blocks), I was well on my way to having 4 blocks x 7 blocks (equaling a puzzling 28 blocks); making what would have been a rather peculiarly long bedspread!  The tip-off should have been those two seemingly unnecessary blocks lying innocently on the table. Ah well, at least it wasn't an irreversible situation!  And like my Mom would say, "No one will know how many times it took you to get it right!"  I should add a 21st century caveat to that:  "unless of course you post it on your blog!"  ha!
And from project # 6938 to # 6939:  On our way home from Washington, we bought this lovely fern stand at a Beckley, West Virginia, antique mall.  As you can see, it is painted a most comely shade of brown--yuk! By the style and the weight of it, we're pretty sure it's oak underneath that enamel veneer.  Now who in their right mind would cover oak (or any pretty wood, for that matter) with porch paint?! The brown has got to go--it will return to its natural state, oh yes it will! Look for an "after" picture...eventually.

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