Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It Looks Like a Real Live Quilt!

Ah, finis! As I type this, it is with a certain sense of relief.  The Marine Quilt is made and, wonder of wonders, it looks like a quilt!  After I washed it, to my surprise, it actually took on that crinkly, quilty look, just like it was supposed to. (What did I expect?) I am most satisfied.  Now I wouldn't exactly enter it in my County Fair--it could hardly stand up to that sort of scrutiny, but all in all, for a first try...
The recipients of this piece of love are my daughter and her very-soon-to-be husband.  Soon, as in this Friday! Future hubby is the Marine (has already done three--that's 3--tours in Iraq--yikes!), hence the Marine material.  They spent a pre-honeymoon in Hawaii (wasn't planned in that order, but whatever), hence the Hawaiian print. The squares are supposed to just tie everything all together. The back is the Pledge of Allegiance, which seemed to fit in, all in all.

*** Semper Fi ***

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