Friday, April 17, 2009

Project # 6938 and counting....

Well, ok, maybe I don't have quite that many projects going, but sometimes it seems like it. Many of them actually do get finished, though many more get started! Here's one of the latest ways I've been frittering away my time. I saw the pattern on a quilting website and thought I could replicate it at home pretty easily. Except for that sticky part about math and seam allowances, it's gone swimmingly!

Isn't this material nice?  I just love the bright, fun colors.  My Mom loved it, too.  Maybe I'll give it to her.  When it's all done it should look a bit more like this:

I have 2 complete strips sewn together and it's turning out well! Yay!  Alas, it will not be worked on for a couple weeks, as I'm away from the house.  (That would be the "and going somewhere else once in a while" portion of this blog coming up!)

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