Monday, March 30, 2009

I mentioned in my profile that I have a very cool dog.  (Well, I did say something about neurosis, too, but never mind that!)  Just in case you haven't stopped by the house lately, here he is:   


Now I ask you: how many dogs do you know who are so angelic that they have a ray of light coming out of their head?! 

His name is PUNCH.  As you can see, one of his eyes has brown fur around it, as if he got punched... I just love him to pieces and the feeling is very mutual.*  Hmm... it's nearly 5 o'clock. He would probably appreciate it if I gave him his supper. (Curiously, when I give him his evening meal, it's his supper. When my husband feeds him, it's his dinner. You'll have that with big city slicker types!)

*perhaps you find yourself needing an insulin shot from all this sweetness. I apologise and will try to keep it at a minimum!

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