Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "At Home" Part

I could say things have been incredibly hectic lately and I've just been busy, busy, busy!  But not really...I've been rather enjoying myself of late.  Weather has remained kind of chilly (hey, this is a midwestern many sentences can we go before we start talking about the weather?!) so I've been doing indoor stuff.  For instance, I actually laid around this afternoon and watched the original Airport movie (I'm not proud about that). I've always loved Airplane, so it was pretty funny to see its inspiration. It deserved a send up! Thank heaven for the DVR though; sooo many commercials! 
More industrially, I've been working on a quilt: "Boxed Blessings" pattern by Ingrid Barlow.  I have to add a disclaimer here--I am not a quilter!  (please don't think, 'oh sure, they all say that!') I once started a quilt in 1987; made about 3 strips. Never got any further and for the life of me, I don't rightly know where it is!  (I think it's probably stashed somewhere in my Mom's apartment!) I have another more recent quilt top started which, if all goes well, will be lots of log cabin blocks surrounding a big star.  If it works out, it will be beautiful.  I have a tendency to get a little over enthusiastic and set some very high standards for myself...then it's a battle to not get discouraged! (Perhaps I need to give myself a break and lower the bar occasionally?) And another one I made the top for which was a bunch of circles pretty much laid on top of each other with rough edges that are supposed to get all fuzzy in the wash. That has not happened yet. So...I am not a quilter! A piecer-wannabe, but not a quilter....yet.  But all that is going to change with Boxed Blessings.  
Here is this week's designated work area:

Yes, pieces keep being cut (never quite the right amount, so it seems I'm forever having to cut just a few more), sewn together in proper order, and dutifully ironed.  *Note bowl of Lucky Charms (magically delicious!) at side of sewing machine--a girl needs fortification to keep at it!

Here's another view of some of the blocks.  For now, I will not divulge the theme or my reasons for choosing said theme. But when it's done, I'll tell all! Another disclaimer: that is not my beer bottle sitting there! Somebody set it there when I went to get the camera. Don't drink & quilt! 

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