Monday, November 28, 2011

Candles & Light

Combine a cheapo candle and some inspiration from a dangerous domestic anarchist (you can see her blog here!),

Cheapo candle -- a contrast study.
then add a sprinkling of fairy dust from The Graphics Fairy... 

Combination of 2 images:
"The Christmas Tree" sheet music
an antique postcard cutout.

and what do you have?

This!  As I mentioned in the caption above, this is comprised of 2 layered images. The postcard cutout was originally round, but I stretched it out a bit because I thought it suited the design better.  Not sure it would have made any difference really. I also tried to get the song title at the top so that when the candle is lit, presumably, it would show. The images were printed out on decal paper and then affixed onto the votive. (Note to self: when using decal paper, you don't have to reverse the image! Duh!)

Here it is, all dressed up in its native habitat:

That's a twine bow & a sprig of "holly" around the top.
I added this one because I thought it was funny...
can you see me?!

(Humor me a bit...)
But wait, there's more!  I couldn't limit myself to only 2 images:

Add caption
This was a plain, glass candle holder--the kind where you're supposed to fill it with water and put flowers & stuff in the bottom and float a candle on top (I think).  The back layer on this one is an antique advertisement for Christmas toys from a toy store in Boston.  Overlaid on the ad is a cutout of Santa from a postcard (both images also from GF).

I just couldn't seem to get the photography right, but I kept trying!  Here's a sampling to show you all sides:

Left side.

Right side.

I wanted to show it lit up,
so I went to the windowless downstairs half-bath.
One more time...

Spooky Santa!?
I still have a few more images dancing around in my head...mixing with some glitter & ribbons & holly & such. Oh yes, there will be more to come--my kitchen table will not be seeing daylight for perhaps a week or more!   However, this one's next in line:


And if you're still with me at this point, thanks for indulging me! Really.


  1. I came here via GF and your candles are just so elegant! I love the collage of images. May I ask for the link where you get decal papers. I have seen some online but never tried. Any special tips for printing on them and adhering to candle holders? I have a diff project in mind and I hope you don't mind me asking for some tuts or tips :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I found the decal paper at That's easy to remember! It really only will print well on clear or frosted glass, or on a white background, as the image becomes somewhat translucent. The paper (with your image on it and a layer of dried, clear spray paint--it comes with directions)actually slides off the decal part. You have a little time to actually adjust/straighten the decal onto your background. I've also found the decal paper stretches just a little bit; and can be accidentally pulled if you get too exuberant! Hope that helps! Please let me know how it goes.


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