Sunday, September 25, 2011

That Grand Old Flag

We had a grand time in St. Louis recently.  Though you might not guess it, besides getting some psychologically much-needed dog time with Klaus, we really did do other things.  An unexpected pleasure was seeing all the September 11th Memorial flags at Art Hill in Forest Park--the green expanse in front of the Art Museum leading down to the reflecting pools and fountains.  We saw them on the news and, since we were mere blocks away, we figured a quick cruise through the park was in order.  Everyone else (and their dogs) in St. Louis had pretty much the same idea! But a good idea it was--they were beautiful--even brought a lump to my throat as we walked among them.

Though it hardly captures it well, I tried to take some footage with my iphone:

The mood was not somber; more of joyful contentment.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time.  And I mean everyone.....look again, you may have missed this the first time around (I did):

The viewfinder on my phone is relatively small, so I didn't see him!:

How curious...he's kinda hard to miss!

Such a glorious day!

P.S. Who needs traveling gnomes?!

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