Monday, December 14, 2009

"Flapper Girl" Salad

Sorting through my Mom's belongings, I came across a 1935 cookbook published by my hometown newspaper. It was fun to read through it and recognize so many surnames--there's even a couple in there from my Great-grandmothers! (They would have been getting rather elderly by '35.... but, in family tradition, still cooking and baking!)

Here's a recipe that caught my eye--I insisted on reading it aloud to my daughter and we both hooted with laughter!

"Flapper Girl" Salad

Mrs. M.W. Conley

Canned half pears
Canned sliced pineapple
American cream cheese
Spanish peanuts
Fruit coloring
Melted chocolate
Small birthday candles

Place lettuce leaves on plates. On these arrange half pears, rounding side up. Form the face of a flapper girl, using the ingredients above to form the features. Hair: grated cheese. Eyes: spanish peanuts. Eyebrows and dots for nose, melted chocolate (using toothpick to apply). Collar: half slice of pineapple. Mouth: round piece of pimento. Fruit coloring is applied on cheeks. Place tiny candle in mouth. A small portion of fluffy mayonnaise may be placed on the pineapple if desired. The small candles should be lighted just before serving. If the room is dimly lighted, the effect is still better. Serve mayonnaise separately.

This salad may be prepared quite a while before serving if fruit is thoroughly drained.

This little poem may be printed on the place cards:

I'm just a little Flapper Girl,
I've never been to college,
So what you'll find beneath my curl
Is not exactly knowledge;
A wee bit green, I will admit--
And I don't mind confessing
That I can be improved a bit
With just a little dressing.

Isn't that hilarious? I love that she's even smoking a cigarette! Bon appetit!

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