Thursday, September 17, 2009

As scarce as Hawks' teeth!

Had a little trip to the dentist this week....I tried to keep the whinging* to a minimum, but it was a challenge. Dental treatments have really come a long way since the days of lying in the chair with hardly more than my head and heels touching the seat--pain causing ramrod stiffness through the rest of my body. Ugh! (I had a lot of dental visits as a child--I'm sure I have emotional scars. But at least I have teeth?!)
The dentist I have now is wonderful--have been with him since the start of his career. He had this plaque (no pun intended!) hanging on his wall, made by a friend. Bet you can't guess where he went to school?!
And speaking of Hawkeye football, we'll be tailgating at their game this weekend. My daughter (sitting in California), upon finding this out and muttering a quick "Damn you!," enthusiastically offered some advice: "Do some shotgunning and a kegstand or two if you can. Oh, and take pictures!" Beings there's only so much I can comprehend, I had to have "shotgunning" explained to me. (Sadly, I already knew what a kegstand was; I've seen her pictures!) Righto! Like that's all going to happen... well, maybe..... but don't hold your breath for any pictures!

*Don't know if "whinging" is used here--it's an Aussie/English term...sometimes I forget where I've picked up words. Pronounced win-jing, with emphasis on the first syllable. Same as whining, but I like the sound of it better.

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