Friday, March 20, 2009


Welcome to my blog! 

Since this is my first installment, I'm fighting the urge to begin, essay style, by waxing on about "What is a blog?" ...."What does it mean to me?"...."What can my blog possibly mean to you?".... "Will anybody ever read this?".... "Will I have a theme?".... and, most importantly, "Will my posts be overtaken by ellipses?"....  
Ah, let's leave the analyzing to the squillions of people who have blogged before me, and jump right in! 

.... **** **** .... .... .... **** **** **** .... .... .... **** **** ....  

I set this all up during an "Abroad" portion of At Home and Abroad.  I was in St. Louis, just one leg of our Tri-State Tour O' Friends.  What an eclectic jaunt-- going to watch our talented, scene-stealing friend in the play, Batboy (remember him in The Weekly News of the World, or whatever that quirky tabloid was called?); sleeping on a funny little double bed wedged into a cold corner;  heading further south to play with a delightfully precocious 5 year old and her equally delightfully precocious parents; sleeping in the lap of luxury in a queen size bed with a canopy in a house so large that we kept forgetting which floor we were on; touring my husband's alma mater with the student newspaper turned into a pathetic excuse for an umbrella in a downpour; arriving in St. Louis to nice, warm weather and immediately taking advantage of the situation by heading to the zoo (yay!) to see the happy animals; sleeping on a hide-a-bed mattress pulled out onto the floor at the home of my husband's oldest (as in time, not age) friend whom we both adore; falling down the stairs and spraining both ankles (a low point); celebrating my husband's milestone birthday on The Hill with large portions of somewhat monotonous tortellini and excellent gelato (peach) while having just learned of the offical, diamond-laden engagement of our daughter; heading north again to host that same precocious child and her parents at our, ahem, second home (hey, we just couldn't get enough of each other!); and finally.... arriving back at my real home and bed.  
So there you have it, "at home and abroad" indeed! 
It was a grand time.  We love our friends!

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